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  • Version: 3.0.1

Capture and publish images in no time

How often do you need to share a screenshot online? Whether it's just for fun or serious professional matters, Jet Screenshot makes it a breeze.

As a screen capturing tool, I must say Jet Screenshot is a bit limited: it only features two capturing modes (full screen and user-selected region) and some basic editing capabilities such as adding text, cropping the image and marking certain areas in your screenshot with a pen.

The main feature in Jet Screenshot though is the possibility to publish any of those captured images straight to an FTP server. You can use your own server or make use of the one provided by Jet Screenshot, which, obviously, has a few limitations regarding size and storage.

In any case, this is probably the fastest and easiest way to get your captured images online. The only thing Jet Screenshot needs to improve is the method used to show you the web link of your newly-uploaded image: the current balloon tip is certainly not very user-friendly.

With Jet Screenshot you can capture and share images online in just a couple of clicks.


  • Very easy to set up and run
  • Includes a default FTP server in case you don't have one


  • Includes only two image capturing options
  • No easy way to copy the image's URL

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Jet Screenshot


Jet Screenshot 3.0.1 for PC

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